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You just got a job offer!

You've heard of Welcome Kits and Onboarding Kits, but have you heard of a job offer kit? As in a gift for someone who isn't even an employee yet? Tell us more...

We all know how stressful and labor intensive applying for jobs and interviewing can be, and how competitive the labor market is right now; however, some progressive companies are finding unique ways of recognizing that effort - even if you don't accept their job offer!

“Congratulations,” the letter reads. “You just got a job offer from Calendly!” The box included a T-shirt with the company logo, cocktail mix, a thermos, a glass candy jar, a sheet of stickers, and a card outlining Calendly’s values.

In today's market, great applicants are usually entertaining multiple offers and a well curated swag box with an offer can make all the difference in securing top talent.

Read more about this trend here: Employers Are Sending Swag Bags With Their Job Offers | Fortune

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